We started the weekend with a final briefing via Skype with Kelly, one of the trainees who will be arriving in Mzuzu on Tuesday.  Part of our time on Friday was spent confirming details of their placement and making arrangements for their arrival; they are setting off on Monday so the excitement was palpable!

With services closed over the weekend, we took the opportunity to get more in tune with the local culture.  After being taught how to make a Malawian salad by the chef at the Brothers’ house, we were picked up by our friendly driver Simon who took us to visit Lake Malawi.  There we had a chance meeting with a very friendly gentleman who turned out to be none other than the Mayor of Mzuzu, William.  He was very down to earth and didn’t hesitate to assist us in spelling the name of his city in shadows on the beach.  After spending time with him and his family he invited us to visit him in his office this week which we are looking forward to.

Spelling Mzuzu!

We spent our evening at the lake under a canvass of starlight around a warm fire with the local security guards exchanging stories about our lives in England and Malawi.  We then had a few hours of sleep before rising early to watch the sunrise – fortunately the lake was sufficiently choppy to deter the local crocodiles!

Lake Malawi

On our return to Mzuzu we spent the evening with the Brothers of St John of God, who had prepared us a lovely meal.  We had interesting conversations about how people with mental health difficulties can be particularly vulnerable.

With more meetings planned tomorrow, we look forward to updating you soon!