Our Scholarship supports the training of professionals to work with people with mental health problems across Malawi.

Very few people in the helping professions in Malawi have any training in mental health, but lots of adults and children there face mental health difficulties, and there are very few facilities anywhere in the country to help them.

Training in psychosocial counselling is expensive by Malawian standards (often a whole year's salary) and only offered by one college in the country. Even when people get support from their employers to do the course, they sometimes find the help is withdrawn part-way through, leaving them away from home with no funds to finish their training.

By western standards the funds they need to finish their training are low, for example £300 will pay course fees for a whole year. We believe that we could make a big difference to mental health services in Malawi through supporting local people to train as counsellors, who will go on to support people with mental health difficulties and help others across the country develop an awareness of mental health issues.

By just giving a little you can help support someone to make a difference to others for years to come.

Please give what you can.